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Flexi Partial Dentures

Flexi Partial Dentures

Flexible Clasps offer a perfect flexible partial solution. Not only is this flexible partial lightweight, but it was self-adjusting to the contours of the wearer’s mouth while they’re talking or eating.


    The material is durable enough to eliminate the need for metal clasps. In addition, its natural hue blends with surrounding gums, making


    • Flexible Clasps more aesthetic than many other options.
    • Stain- and odor-resistant
    • Durability, comfort, and aesthetics all in one flexible partial solution, and Flexible Clasps deliver all of that and more in one easy, affordable restoration.

    The cost for fabricating custom made dental appliances can not be refunded.  A credit may be issued by ForeverBright directly to a dentist’s account when cases do not meet ForeverBrightt’s exceptional standards for quality, function and aesthetics.


    Follow our step-by-step guide to easily send your traditional impression to King. Everything you need is provided, including Rx forms, shipping labels, local pickup request, and case scheduler.

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