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Night Guard

Night Guard

Help protect bruxing patients’ natural teeth as well as their investment in restorative work with custom Night Guards. Hard or hard/soft Night Guards are hand-pressed to ensure comfort as well as an ideal fit.


    With a more accurate fit and lower profile than off-the-shelf “boil and bite” athletic mouthguards, custom mouthguards protect more than just enamel: Mouthguards can prevent lacerations, bruising and neurological damage. Designed not to inhibit breathing to allow for optimal on-field performance, Keating Dental Lab’s custom mouthguards are available in a wide range of colors.


    The cost for fabricating custom made dental appliances can not be refunded.  A credit may be issued by ForeverBright directly to a dentist’s account when cases do not meet ForeverBright’s exceptional standards for quality, function and aesthetics.


    Follow our step-by-step guide to easily send your traditional impression to King. Everything you need is provided, including Rx forms, shipping labels, local pickup request, and case scheduler.

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