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full service dental lab in Montgomery Alabama


Forever Bright Dental Labs, dental lab in Pensacola, has a strong dedication to providing innovative dental solutions, including orthodontic appliances. Our offering of the more common ortho and fixed appliances used in a Dental Practice makes it easy to find exactly what your patients require. Plus, your patients will see faster, longer-lasting results thanks to our commitment to creating the most precisely fitting, durable products possible.

Traditionally, plaster models have provided the basis for retainer design, but with our Forever Bright Dental Lab and Digital Services, our ortho appliances will maintain an exact fit. The process is quicker and more precise than conventional methods, plus there’s no need to retain patient plaster molds. Our digital technology makes removing any model imperfections, such as brackets, simple and seamless. We have the technology and expertise to create accurate and efficient ortho devices for an array of applications.

  • Hard/soft night guard

  • T.M.J splint clear acrylic


  • Orthodontic clear retainer

  • Athletic mouth guard

  • Surgical implant template

  • Invisalign treatment plans

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