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We place a high priority on providing comfortable, durable and natural dental products, and our denture offering is no exception. Our internationally renowned line of premium acrylic dentures provide the ultimate in durability and client comfort. Our proprietary technology matches color and translucency for a seamless appearance and tailored fit. Your patients will receive comfortable, long-lasting dentures that will require minimal chairside maintenance and adjustment.


Our premium dentures feature resilient acrylic replicas, customized to precisely match the shade and translucency of natural teeth. Our molds can withstand years of wear, while maintaining optimum comfort. We use the highest-grade acrylic, which we polymerize using precision pressure and temperature-controlled equipment. Utilizing these techniques helps reduce remakes and improves the fit of the dentures for your patient.  Our Pensacola dental lab often provides service for flexible partial dentures and metal framework partial dentures.​

Partials and Dentures
  • Acrylic-Partials

  • Cast-Partials w/flexi clasp

  • Metal Framework

  • Flexi-Partials$135

  • Essix clear flipper

  • Acrylic-flipper0

  • Immed Denture

  • Classic Pour

  • Portrait Dentures

Repairs / Adjustments
  • Reline

  • Rebase

  • RPD/tooth provided

  • Add tooth

  • Add Aesthetic clasp

  • Custom metal mesh



  • Appliances

  • T.M.J splint clear acrylic

  • Orthodontic clear retainer

  • Hard/soft night guard

  • Athletic mouth guard

  • Surgical implant template

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