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At Foreverbright Dental Lab, we are a full-service Dental Lab specializing in dentures, crowns, and implants. We were recently voted Pensacola's #1 Local Denture Lab. We believe now is the time for the dental industry to go digital. Our goal is to provide our customers with the digital solutions and high-quality restorations they need to successfully evolve their dental practices to compete in the digital landscape. As a full-service dental lab, we aim to play a leading role in helping our customers become more efficient in their practice. In creating fixed and removable dental restoration products, we can significantly reduce remakes, patient chair time, and ultimately play a part in improving dental care for patients across the globe. We are redefining the world of dentistry. Be a part of the evolution by becoming our partner.

Dental prosthesis on a table, teeths are



Acrylics, Flexi, cast, more. 

We place a high priority on providing comfortable, durable and natural dental products. Your patients will receive comfortable, long-lasting dentures that will require minimal chairside maintenance and adjustment.

Image by Ozkan Guner



Full Zirconia, Layerd, and PFM. We specialize in dependable and beautiful work that you and your patients will appreciate. By only offering the highest quality ceramic, porcelain, metal, and resin, our crowns and bridges look completely natural.




Our night guards, retainers and snoring devices make it easy to find exactly what your patients require. Plus, your patients will see faster, longer-lasting results thanks to our commitment to creating the most precisely fitting, durable products possible.


Samuel Jordan

I just started using Forever Bright lab two months ago for all my cases. Everything is going great. I am happy I am using them now. It’s more than the pricing and the convenience, I spend very little time adjusting occlusion or contacts. All my patients are happy and that makes me happy. Thanks guys for all your work.
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