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dental labs Pensacola
dental labs Pensacola

Forever Bright Dental Lab provides your practice with a FREE iTero Element® Flex intraoral scanner, the rolling cart, training, and assistance from a dental technician whenever you need it.


iTero Element Flex Intraoral Scanner Benefits​

  • 25% faster scan processing and a faster start up time allow you to stay productive

  • Long-lasting, rechargeable battery for easy mobility from operatory to operatory without plugging in or rebooting

  • Ergonomics: From the software, to the hardware, to the wand cradle, and everything in between.​

  • Send restorative STL files directly to your lab or export them from the MyiTero platform, all from the office.


iTero has been a reliable source for dental scans for over 80 million cases. It is renowned for designing innovative and aerodynamic intraoral scanners for dental practices. The introduction of the Element Flex imaging system has allowed general practitioners, orthodontists, and technicians to streamline their workflow. 

​The Journal of Clinical Dentistry reports a positive correlation between iTero scanner placement and additional aligner cases and sales within 12 months of installation.

dental labs Pensacola


  • ​The iTero scanner can pay for itself within 1 year

  • ​5.92 additional aligner cases within 12 months

  • $32,560 increases in aligner sales within 12 months


  • ​The iTero scanner can pay for itself in 6 months

  • ​12.42 additional aligner cases within 12 months

  • $66,000 increases in aligner sales within 12 months

dental labs Pensacola


Intuitive Touch Widescreen
The screen interface is high-definition and multi-touch. It displays scanned images in real-time speed. Images captured by the scanning wand are processed and automatically stitched into a full-color rendering of anatomy on-screen. The images are displayed in 3D with improved visualization. Realistic color images help to easily differentiate gingival and dental tissue. Built-in controls allow dentists to rotate models on screen. The display can be used with vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves.

​AI-Powered Software
Artificial intelligence helps to power the system. For increased efficiency, the Element 2 is engineered for seamless communication. Using advanced algorithms, the final results can be simulated before the treatment even begins. Once created, all simulations, scans, files, and records can be archived to the cloud. Restorative STL files can be sent directly to the dental lab or exported from the MyiTero platform. They are accessible at any time from a scanner, PC, or tablet. The system also has iTero iTero Time-lapse Technology, which allows dentists and patients to compare current and past scans.

​Ergonomic Scanning Wand
The ergonomic construct of the software, hardware, wand, and cradle contributed to the winning of the 2018 GOOD DESIGN® award. For improved mobility, convenience, and ease of use, the wand is 40% smaller and lighter and the tablet connects to a mobile rolling cart. The wand features a combination of optical and laser scanning to achieve extreme accuracy and obtain a better evaluation. With parallel confocal imaging, a precise representation of tooth and gingival morphology can be achieved. With productivity in mind, the system is built with 25% faster scan processing and start up time, and long-lasting battery for increased performance. Scanning can be uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes unplugged. The wand is designed to up to 6,000 frames per minute, allowing dentists to cover a full arch easily under one minute. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Dentists must meet a minimum per month to qualify and maintain​

The typical iTero Scanner cost is between  $30,000-$35,000 with the cart and monitor included. When you work with Forever Bright Dental Lab, the itero cost is FREE. 

We offer our partners an iTero machine when they meet a monthly minimum on cases. Call us today to learn more.

dental labs near me


We partner with some awesome Dentist. We use state-of-the-art imaging technology to create some of the most precise cases possible. We believe in offering unmatched patient satisfaction.

We make smiles happen!

dental labs Pensacola
dental labs Pensacola

2023 Best of Pensacola Award

Pensacola Award Program Honors the Achievement

Forever Bright Dental Lab has been selected for the 2023 Best of Pensacola Award in the Dental Laboratory category by the Pensacola Award Program.

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Samuel Jordan

"I just started using Forever Bright lab two months ago for all my cases. Everything is going great. I am happy I am using them now. It’s more than the pricing and the convenience, I spend very little time adjusting occlusion or contacts. All my patients are happy and that makes me happy. Thanks guys for all your work."

Mollie Horton

"We have been working with Forever Bright for past 2 months. The relationship has been amazing. The support staff is always there to help with any issues that we face in timely manner. The shipments of cases are very timely. Very happy working with the Forever Bright Lab."

Rosa J. Sears

"We have been working with Forever Bright Lab for 6 months. They’re very hardworking with great communication, punctuality and amazing work. The support staff handles any issues quickly and efficiently. Adjustments are minimal if any, and the patients are satisfied and happy with the work. I highly recommend using this lab."
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